To know the real value of your movable assets. We are at your disposal with our network of experts to appraise your property in your residences or businesses as well as your bank vaults. We also advise you regarding the applicable taxation of your assets.
We will hand a document with description, photograph and estimate over to you.
We are also able to advise you as well as possible within the framework of a division, an inheritance.


To determine the taxable value of the contents of the property called « mobilier meublant » (furniture, jewellery, paintings), the tax authorities accepts three legal methods of assessment:
- The price obtained at a public sale within 2 years of the death
- Tax inventory. The estimate of an inventory made by an auctioneer accompanied by a notary within 5 years of the death. The total amount will be used to give the "real" value of the furniture. The inventory is appended to the notarial deed.
- The 5% flat rate. In the absence of an inventory, all of the content of the property (furniture, jewellery, paintings) is valued at a flat rate of 5% of the gross estate assets.
We take part in the context of successions by carrying out tax inventories. It allows you to assess the real value of the deceased person's possessions on the day of the passing and to reduce your inheritance tax. It can also be used as a basis for a partition inventory and limit disputes between heirs.


To know the value of your movable assets and insure it at the real value before loss. Because “comprehensive home” protection is not enough to cover artworks and collectibles.
We will hand a document with description, photograph and estimate over to you.