What is our business?

The auctioneer is a professional of art and culture whose role is to direct and organize public auctions.
He is the intermediary between buyers and sellers, playing a crucial role in the sale of objects and the estimate he gives. 
Auctioneers work in auction houses. They are responsible for the organization of the sale, from receiving the items to setting up the exhibition and conducting the sale itself. They are able to evaluate the objects for sale, using their experience and knowledge of art history and the market to determine appropriate estimates. 
Auctioneers' work involves a wide variety of tasks, from appraising objects, to dealing with sellers and buyers, to preparing sale catalogs, to communicating the sale and conducting auctions. They supervise financial transactions and closely follow art market trends.
Auctioneer in Lille
Audrey Sadoul-Ryssen, auctioneer of the ICON AUCTION auction house is at your disposal for free and confidential expertises. 
Contact ICON AUCTION to have your objects appraised by appointment for a possible sale, you can also send photographs by e-mail to estimation@iconauction.fr or by phone to 06 67 33 96 11.
Audrey Sadoul-Ryssen can come to your home to estimate your objects. She travels throughout France and Europe. Icon Auction regularly organizes sales in Lille, Paris Drouot and Le Touquet.